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ThopTV App Download: Are you looking to download the ThopTV app for Android? Then, you’re in the right place. Because here is everything that you need to know about this free app.

  • 100% Free to use.
  • Watch Unlimited Movies for Free.
  • Live Stream Cricket and Other Sports.
  • Unlimited Web Series & TV Shows.
  • 500+ Radio Stations.
  • Free Music Download.

What is ThopTV?

THOP TV is an outstanding application that solves your purpose of watching your favorite TV shows and movies at any place or time of your choice on your smartphone. It is one of the biggest and growing Live TV Watching platform which is spreading its branches to everybody. It is free and requires no additional money or token to access anything. It just asks you to share the video you are watching to others to unlock it. Isn’t it very easy? It is really an amazing app which will make you fall for it every time you bing watch any show or a movie. It supports HINDI also, Apart from Hindi it supports many other languages like Telugu, Marathi, Kannada, English, and many more. So, a majority of people can have access to Watch Free Movies, Live Cricket, TV Shows, and Live TV Channels, etc.

Aditonal Features

ThopTV v28 Apk Info

Size19.26 MB


Offline Watch

Just like YouTube, you have the option of downloading you the videos of your choice so that watch them whenever you want to watch. Its so easy and convenient.


100% Free

Every other video watching platforms asks you to pay money in order to access it otherwise you can not watch their videos but THOP TV doesn’t asks for that. Its absolutely free.


Smart Tv

It also offers you can option of connecting it to you Smart Tv and Fire stick so that you can access it in a better way.



It contains more than 5000 radio channels on almost every language so you can not miss any of the song at any cost.



If you are encountering a problem while watching your favourite show or movie, you have an option of seeing the subtitles so as to make your watch experience better and easy. But as of now its only for the selected channels. Later update will add more channels.


Tv Shows

It contains all the famous Tv shows and thousands of movies which are not available on the internet elsewhere, that too for free. As I said, no additional money is required. Its free.


3k+ Live TV

It also contains more than 3000 Tv channels so you can watch anything across the globe. Why just your genre, explore something more too.


User friendly

In spite of providing a great number of features and options it is so easy to use and explore. You can not just find any problem in accessing anything. And if you did, feel free to Chat with us.


Chat System

If at any point of time you feel like you need any kind of support from related to anything then feel free to have a word with them.


Like I said earlier, it has got a great number of movie options which are not available on the easy internet. It contains movie channels like Youmovie, Oyster movies, Mallow movies, Oho movies, Snap movies, and much more. And on average, all the channels contain 100 to 1000 movies per channel. Isn’t it great? I am sure it is.


You can watch live Tv on your smartphone any time you want and not just Indian channels but much more apart from Indian also like Jasmine tv, Tulip tv, Xyris tv, Rockstar tv, Luminous tv, Iris tv and much more. It has got a long-range and taste of channels to explore and entertain.


It has got a dashing and thrilling number of Tv shows for you to watch. And the list of Tv series channels is just amazing. For example, You, Velvet, Jaguar, What star, Beebalm, and many more. Explaining verbally about all this is not just enough if you really want a real experience, you must download it. It’s free and easy to use. Keep reading, the download process is just about to begin.

Download ThopTV Apk v26 for Android Device

THOP Tv is not available on Play Store so you can not directly download it. But don’t worry, we have got you covered. All you have to do is to click on the link given below and your download will begin in just few seconds.

Things to keep in mind while you download it: As you will be downloading it from an unknown source, your smartphone might warn you to stop downloading it. But don’t worry. Nothing will happen to your smartphone. It’s absolutely safe and easy.


How To Install Thop TV Apk File on Android Device

Most Android users download their applications from the Google Play Store. But, ThopTV is not available in the Play Store. But there is no reason for you to worry as you can easily download this app from our site.

  1. First, go to setting and turn on the “unknown source” option.

  2. Now download ThopTV apk from above Link, where the latest version has already shared.

  3. After downloaded, open the app from the notification bar to begin the installation process.

  4. Tap on the install button.

  5. Wait until the installation process is complete.

When the installation is complete, you will able to launch this application.


is ThopTV Legal App?

ThopTV Allows it’s users to Stream online content for Free, and they don’t have any license to legally promote this application on Play store. Try to consider a VPN while using this application. However this Application is not legal as of now.

is ThopTV Safe to Use?

Yes! it is safe and you don’t have to worry about any type of privacy violation. We check the Application many time and Nothing found that type of things.( Our Suggestion is use this Application at your own risk.)

What is the Latest Version of ThopTV APK?

Right Now the latest version of ThopTV is 23.0 and you can download it from site.

Can I use ThopTV on PC?

Yes! You Can Use it not only Android Phones but Also Smart Tv, Firestick TV, and Windows PC also. for more info visit Here.

How much RAM does it require?

It needs to have at least 1Gb of RAM to experience the HD quality content. Otherwise you video will be shaky.

Does it work Offline also?

No, it does not. You require an active internet connection for this. Although once you have saved your favourite video, you can even binge watch it offline i.e without the internet connection.

This is all we have for you in THOP Tv, but let me tell you, once you download it and start using it. You will find n number of options inside the application. Its so vast that a small article just does not give justice to it credibility. So, I would recommend you to download and use it, in order to know it in a better way.


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